How to recover icloud id password


How to recover icloud id password. since apple use icloud to activate and protect your iphone ipad or ipod many people got this problem, losing icloud password. This problem can be really annoying not only because you will need icloud id and password to reactivate your iDevice but also all your backup files can be lost forever if you lose your icloud password.

Why does this problem happen?

When you create one icloud account many people forget to add one additional email to recover the password. so the problem is your icloud id and apple id is the same and have same password. so you lost your password the recovery email is exactely your apple id with the same password. you will always be recovering something that you can not recover because you don’t know the password. This tutorial will help you to recover your password if you have the same icloud ID and apple ID under the same password.

How to recover icloud id password

you will need your iPhone activated, go to setting and turn on use the icloud as your email account, this will make possible you receive in your iPhone all icloud emails including the email from Apple to reset your icloud , apple id password. follow the video instructions for the complete tutorial. good luck!


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