Recover iPhone 5c Passcode


Recover iPhone 5c Passcode

If you remember the FBI story about  the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone, and how the Federal Bureau of Investigation maintained that they couldn’t Recover iPhone 5c Passcode, the encryption key without Apple providing them with a backdoor? Apple refuse and many of us computer-security experts said that they were wrong, and there were many others possible methods they could use. One of them was manually removing the flash chip from the phone, extracting the memory, and then running a brute-force attack without worrying about the phone deleting the key.

The FBI said it was impossible. We all said they were wrong. Also the rumors were FBI had paid a lot of money to a Israel security company to unlock the iPhone . Now, Sergei Skorobogatov has proved them wrong unlocking one iPhone 5C using a very simple electronic tools. Here’s his paper and full video.

how recover iPhone passcode demo video

Full article about how Recovering an iPhone 5c Passcode using just tools you can buy in your electronic local store.

DOWNLOAD Sergei Skorobogatov paper unlock passcode iPhone


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