How to Recover iTunes Backup Password mac and windows


How to Recover iTunes Backup Password mac and windows

This tutorial will help you to recover your iTunes Backup Password for mac and windows version.

If you are using a mac OS to remover iTunes Backup Password Recovery you must try first the  Keychain on Mac. If you create the itunes backup on Mac computer, most probably is the password kept in Keychain, you can recover iDevices backup password with this option.

Go to : Open Keychain Access utility from Application > Utilities.  Search “iPhone” in the upper right search field and then look for a keychain item named iPhone Backup your itunes backup is probably hidden what you need to do is type your Mac password to see the itunes backup password.



Other method

If no password kept in Keychain, get iTunes Password Genius for Mac or Windows software version will use another method to recover iTunes backup forgotten password with 100% guarantee on Mac and windows using brute force.

Download: Windows version 

Download: Mac version


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