Remove icloud id free method ios 9.3.2


Remove icloud id free method ios 9.3.2

if you looking for a free method to remove your icloud id , or delete old icloud id free, this is the only legit method to remove icloud. this still works on ios 9.3.2 firmware version on any idevices. this icloud removal works because apple still did not fix this bug on iDevice restore process . Ios 7, 8 and 9 did not kill this bug . works using itunes or libimobiledevice mac or windows version injecting a free icloud and FMI off backup into a idevice with icloud id like in the picture. Many tests were done with ios 10 and seem apple make huge security update on this new ios 10 in this beta1 apple fix this method so if you want to remove icloud this could be your last shot to remove icloud for free on activated devices .


Remove icloud id free method ios 9.3.2



download tools :

libimobiledevice windows

libimobiledevice mac 


Backups FMI OFF

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