Restore iOS Without Updating Cydia Impactor iOS 9


How To Restore your iphone Without Updating

Cydia Impactor on iOS 9.x For iPhone, iPod & iPad


if you need to restore your iDevice without losing your jailbreak version this is what you need to do. Restore iOS Without Updating Cydia Impactor iOS 9. this version it’s updated for support 9.1 as well. In a time where jailbreak versions are much harder than it was before. keep ios version is very good way to keep jailbreak. the latest jailbreak is 9.1 from Pangu but many people still on 9.02 version.   Cydia Impactor is a small app you can download from your repo.

How To Restore iOS Without Updating! Cydia Impactor iOS 9 For iPhone, iPod & iPad


restore iphone without lose jailbreak

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