RSIM 12, RSIM 14 – Activation Error (SOLVED)!

After Apple update iOS updated to version 12.2 or upper the ICCID unlock method will be no more supported. Maybe it will work someday, again. So, these are following procedures on how to make your R-SIM work for this new version of iOS.

RSIM 12, RSIM 14 - Activation Error [SOLVED]!
RSIM 12, RSIM 14 – Activation Error [SOLVED]!
  • 1. Insert R-SIM with SIM card.
  • 2. When R-SIM menu will pop up select the right carrier or input the IMSI
  • 3. Select
  • 4, For 3G/4G (manual)

If the signal drops please Select again R-SIM Adapters TMSI Mode and wait for the signal comes again and after getting the signal just switch iPhone OFF and then ON again and you should have perfect signal and 4G connection.

Alternative method
1.-Ingresamos Rsim en mi caso gpplte junto al chip original de el equipo.
2.-coonfiguracion,datos telefónicos,aplicación sim.
4.-verizon (en mi caso)
5.-6s, 6sp mode
Sale texto.
6.-Apagamos el equipo.
7.- insertamos chip con el que va a quedar.
9.- pasamos configuración de apple y listo
Telcel 4g


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