Save SHSH Blobs Using 3uTools to future downgrade


Save SHSH Blobs Using 3uTools to future downgrade 


These days jailbreak is an increasingly difficult task. therefore, save SHSH Blobs to be safe in future to downgrade to a version that allows you jailbreak . there are some programs and methods that allow the save SHSH Blobs easily. I always advisable every time you make firmware update save SHSH Blobs. Downgrade iOS 9.x.x to iOS 8.4.1 Using OdysseusOTA 2.0 method.

3u is a software that allows you to record and organize your SHSH Blobs for all iDevices. it is possible to downgrade iOS 9 / 9.0.2 To iOS 8.4.1 and others lowers firmware Using OdysseusOTA 2.0. 

3uTools is a flash iDevice software friendly user to let you save SHSH Blobs Using 3uTools.

Downgrades iPhone 6

Save SHSH Blobs Using 3uTools to future downgrade using 3uTools Flash from
What devices can “3uTools Flash” support?
 3uTools Flash can restore and upgrade the following iOS devices:
  • iPhone3G/3GS
  • iPhone4/4S
  • iPhone5/5C/5S
  • iPhone6/6 Plus
  • iPhone6S/6S Plus
  • iPad1/2/3/4
  • iPad mini1/2/3/4
  • iPad Air1/2
  • iPod Touch1/2/3/4/5/6


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