Share iphone wifi password ios11


Share iphone wifi password ios11. This tutorial teaches you how to share your wifi password on your iPhone to another iPhone, iPod or iPad without knowing the password on iOS11.

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Share iPhone wifi password ios11

Wi-Fi password

This Wi-Fi password sharing feature also works for iPod, iPad and Mac. to use this feature you must be running iOS 11.x  or io12 higher otherwise you must update your iOS to the latest version. ensure both iPhones have Bluetooth turned on have each other’s contact have unlocked screens once you have met those requirements let’s go ahead and try it out move the iPhones close together have your friend select the Wi-Fi network that you already have connected to. Once selected a share password button will pop up on your iPhone, go ahead and tap that share password button your friends iPhone will automatically fill out the Wi-Fi password and will be connected done and this is how you share your Wi-Fi password.


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