How you can get Spotify premium completely free on your iOS device. let’s get right into it, SPOTIFY PREMIUM FOR FREE on iOS. what you’re going to do is go to this website it’s called tweakbox for iOS. Type in tweet box here, make sure it opens in the Safari browser because if you don’t then it won’t work. Go to the app and s press install. then you’re gonna press allow the certificate and it’s gonna take you to settings, this is completely not harmful to your iphone you’re gonna press install. put in your password and then press done and then install the app. it’s gonna take you back to the website but that’s not needed at all you can just go back to your home screen.

How to get spotify premium or spotify++ for free.

Now you are one tweakbox app. you’re just gonna tap on it and you can have to wait for it to load up sometimes it takes a little longer than other times. you’re gonna push the X on the add go to apps scroll down to tweaked apps. it’ll have the snapchat logo on it so and then scroll down till you see Spotify ++ click on it click install and it’s gonna load up like any other apps from App Store. press install it will install on your home screen now check if it’s actually is Spotify premium for free. If it tells you untrusted developer go into settings profiles and devices management and just find that profile click on it and then I think like press accept or something like that to validate the certificate.

Download app for iOS

Download tweakbox APP


it’s really easy I’ll show you how to do that in a second but as you can see on the video this is premium it says subscription premium and we did not have to pay anything.

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