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State of Jailbreaking and cydia by saurik (Jay Freeman) for 2017

State of Jailbreaking and Cydia by saurik (Jay Freeman) for 2017

Electronic Frontiers Forums at DragonCon 2016 about iphone and jailbreak in the past 10 years what is the future of jailbreak by saurik . the alternave appstore cydia app

State of Jailbreaking, the future of cydia 

This conference Will take a look back at the times it got easier for users (bootroom exploits and browser-based jailbreaks), how it recently has been getting harder tethered jailbreaks and KPP, what is changing with Apple, and what the future may bring for this alternative platform. Presenter: saurik aka Jay Freeman at the Electronic Frontiers Forums at DragonCon 2016.

Mode video from the Electronic Frontiers Forums at DragonCon conference.


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