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Stop all revokes for any app on iOS 12 – 12.1.2

Block All App Revokes On iOS 12-12.1.2 With LazarusJailed Root Tweak!

This is a pre-jailbreak tool for the iOS 12.x non-jailbreak devices. For iOS 12 and this one will stop all revokes for any of your apps that you’re downloading from any of the styling services like tweetbox. if you do use this services such as ignition or tweet box , those type of apps then you will obviously have problems with apps getting revoked after one week.

This will stop any apps getting revoked. It will not bring back thr app that have already been revoked but they will stop them going in the future. what we need to do is just jump over the online version from ignition and follow this tutorial to download this app. now obviously you need to be on iOS 12.x to work.

  • Go to ignition you can either download the app or just go on the web version here and then you just need to tap on the app icon
  • then it’s under utilities and if we scroll to the bottom here you’ll see that we have Lazarus .
  • type Lazarus Jaild not Lazarus then we can actually just click on get button and then we’ll be able to install it from there.
  • On device you should after a minute or two just get a little pop up to go on to your settings, under general under than profiles and device management and then find the app there to actually then go ahead and do the trust certificate.

How To STOP Apps Getting Revoked / Crashing iOS 12 – 12.1.2

NO Jailbreak NO Computer iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Stop all revokes
Stop all revokes ios12 iphone

Once you’ve actually got that running and you’ll see that you’ve got Lazarus Jailed on your home screen. you can see the interface is actually really nice that’s quite clean and you literally have one button here, that says block revokes. This is obviously using the new voucher swap exploit that works on the iOS 12.x and this also works from the anterior Varick methods created by Devs. If you do reboot your device you’ll have to rerun lazarus each time you do this and of course this is running on the fetch or swap exploit. This may not work every time but when you’re ready to go all you do is click block revokes . Click on the app you should get a little pop-up that gives you a kind of the go-ahead to say that everything is ok, and then like I say to make sure that if you do reboot your device, then you do make sure that you actually go ahead and activate Lazarus again. after respring you will be fully protected against any kind of revoke.

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