Taurine jailbreak for all iOS 14.0-14.3 devices officially released

Taurine is now available for all iOS devices from 14.0-14.3. If you’re not seeing the site, you may need to empty your browser’s cache.

Taurine is a fast, supercharged experience, using libhooker and extensive testing to ensure the best possible jailbreaking experience.

Taurine Jailbreak Released for All Devices Running iOS 14 – iOS 14.3, If you’re not already jailbroken on iOS 14, now’s the time so you can get back your favorite tweaks like Jellyfish and Rainbow!



Installing via AltServer

  • Download the latest release of Taurine.
  • Download the latest release of AltServer.
  • Navigate to where you downloaded AltServer to, and extract the AltServer.zip. You should have the AltServer application in your Downloads folder!
  • Double click on AltServer to run the application.
  • Install the Mail plug-in when prompted.
  • Go to the Mail app, then Preferences, then Manage Plug-Ins and enable AltPlugin.
  • Plug your device into your Mac, and make sure it’s trusted.
  • Click on the menu bar item for AltServer, then go to “Sideload .ipa” and select your device.
  • AltServer will ask for your Apple ID username and password. This is required for the installation process. Enter your Apple ID username and password, then click ‘Save’.
  • AltDeploy will start sideloading Taurine onto your device!
  • Taurine should now be installed on your device!

Jailbreak iOS 14 | How To Jailbreak iOS 14.3 with Taurine iOS 14 Jailbreak! Do you want to iOS 14 Jailbreak iOS 14.3 NO Computer, and unc0ver iOS 14.3 Jailbreak iOS 14 isn’t working? If so, you need to use an alternative Jailbreak known as Taurine Jailbreak iOS 14. Taurine Jailbreak iOS 14 is made by the developers of Odyssey Jailbreak, Chimera Jailbreak and electra, and Taurine Jailbreak can Jailbreak iOS 14 up to iOS 14.3 on ALL iPhones which are running those firmwares! Learn How To Jailbreak iOS 14 NO Computer via Taurine Jailbreak iOS 14.3. Taurine Jailbreak iOS 14 is a new Jailbreak, therefore Taurine Jailbreak iOS 14.3 might have some bugs, while trying to Jailbreak iOS 14. If you’re having any issues trying to Jailbreak iOS 14, I reccomend waiting for Taurine Jailbreak team to release an updated version of Taurine Jailbreak iOS 14. I’ve been waiting for Taurine Jailbreak iOS 14 for a very long time, and am very happy for it to be released! and Yes I took the description from saunders’ vid but who cares



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