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TinyUmbrella with iOS downgrades is coming

TinyUmbrella with iOS downgrades is coming

this week i am following very close the Semaphore blog, he is working on the new tinyumbrella,  has announced recently that the new TinyUmbrella may have far-reaching consequences related to downgrading both 32-bit and 64-bit devices. Back in the original TinyUmbrella save your shshsh, it was used as a tool to help downgrade to old versions of iOS. this is great news , the release must be iminente.

latest version is out works with ios 8.2



We hope today. the downgrade can be very useful in the icloud bypass process, it means can we use older version with exploits more sensitive to bypass activation screen, this new tinyumbrella is not designed to bypass propose but its one of the most popular softwares help you in idevice fix process . for now all Details are limited, so we aren’t sure what semaphore has planned, but for now, a beta version of TinyUmbrella you can download to try, have a limited features has been released in order to fix out various bugs before releasing the last version as we think in the next houres.TinyUmbrella with iOS downgrades is coming whid new functions are likely going to make saving SHSH blogs relevant again. the developer hints at the upcoming features on twitter, and even discusses working with @iH8sn0w on an exploit he discovered.

this post will be updated soon as the tinyumbrella be out. also if you want try beta version please just donwload from here :


TinyUmbrella with iOS downgrades can be a very true possibility we hope .





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