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unlock iphone McAfee’s doesn’t make much sense

unlock iphone McAfee’s doesn’t make much sense

The McAfee unlock method is false, he only wants the media focus attention to himself, as we know from 2013 to unlock iphone is no easy task even for those who develop jailbreak. those are perhaps the most experts about ios code bugs , encryption, security failure, exploits and legit ways to bypass security. McAfee is not telling the truth and he admit, no one could advanced bypass the encryption protecting the iPhone without Apple ‘s help . 

for all this last year idevice try to understand and find apple ios protection also I learn one thing for sure all methods or special ways to remove passcode from a locked device without using one good exploit, will cost you a lot and complexity of McAfee technique would be extremely high, and would be extremely risky: one wrong move and the iPhone hardware will be destroyed for ever, making the phone data permanently lost. Can never be repaired. like many iDevices after trying to unlock it will be stuck in some moment in apple logo. the only way to remover is to make a fresh restore all will be gone.

listen the last interview McAfee’s


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