Verizon imei check

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to check the IMEI number on a Samsung or iPhones. Verizon imei check, this will also work on other networks devices and possibly even other mobile phones devices. The reason why you want to check is to see if the phone has been reported lost stolen or if are missing anything like that. if there are still payments on the device. If you’re looking to buy a second-hand phone, I would highly recommend checking this IMEI number.

Verizon imei check

Verizon imei check
Verizon imei check

Verizon imei check

Just make sure everything checks out and is in good condition you don’t want to buy a stolen phone. what you want to do is if you do not have the device and it’s somewhere online look for an IMEI number. Ask for the IMEI and they should provide it to you. if you are checking the phone out in person. What you want to do is go to call app and type +#06# .

Write that number down or copy it write it down you will need that number to use Verizon imei check. you can use Chrome or Safari and I usually type in free ESN check. here’s the website that I usually use check ESN free. Select your carrier, for example, use Verizon device. Select Verizon and here on this second line what you’re going to want to do is then type in that I Mei number and I’m going to go ahead and type mine in you guys can do that as well. here you got the number typed in and you guys will see the imei dont put any spaces or anything like that. then you just going to want to submit it may take a couple of Seconds, double-check everything and you will get a result sometimes from three different sources.

FREE Verizon imei check

You can see here we have it Verizon source and then NCIC is the second source it gives you the information about the ESN number or the IMEI number. gives you that information there slide it over it tells you the model. that I kind of check the color sometimes there’s repair people that will take and flip out motherboards and give you a number off the back something like that so that you know that could kind of the colors off I would throw up some kind of suspicion just ask what’s going on and as you guys can see both of them say past if it’s stolen it will say stolen. if they’re you might get one that’ll say call and check something like that or there’s payment do anything like that is it for me a warning saying hey something’s up with this phone double check really look into it if you need to go down with that person down to a store and see what really is going on so that is how you check your PSN or IMEI number on a Samsung galaxy note Samsung galaxy s9.

I’m demonstrating with it will work I believe for Samsung galaxy notes and other Samsung devices so that’s how you guys check that if you guys have any comments questions or concerns go ahead and put them in the comment section below. I will do my best to answer all the questions if you have any kind of feedback anything like that go ahead let me know down in the comment section below. anything helps, go ahead let me know if you know somebody that is struggling might have questions about this you guys go ahead and share this video with them and let them know I let them check it out so that would be awesome that helped me out.

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